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Jozef Moszny:
The Tiefe Friedrich and Schwarzer Forellen tunnels near Tarnowskie Góry
A comparison with the Fuchs tunnel

The Tarnowskie Góry and Bytom deposits lie in shell limestone east of the Oder and spread over an area of 20 to 30 km by approx 80 km. They were mined for several hundred years until the 1920s. The first written evidence of the mining of natural resources is a papal bull of Pope Innocence the Second dated 1136, in which the "silver mines" in the surrounding area are mentioned.
The article first describes the history of mining in Tarnowskie and explains the central problems of reliable water drainage. The tunnel workings since the 16th century are then described both from the technical and the economic aspects. A comparison with the Fuchs tunnel shows that the Tarnowskie Góry tunnels were used exclusively for water drainage in contrast to the Fuchs tunnel. Finally, the author takes the reader through the different eras and gives a progress report on plans to use the Friedrich pit and Tiefe-Friedrich tunnel as an industrial monument.