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Siegfried Müller:
The tunnels driven in the collieries of the Saarland compared with the Fuchs tunnel

The coal which formed as limnic deposits approx. 300 million years ago breaks surface in the Saarland. As far back as the middle of the 14th century, coal seams were struck during the construction of houses and the mining of iron ore, which goes back to Roman times. Coal mining near Sulzbach probably reached its peak during the era of Count Nassau-Saarbrücken .
The article begins with a description of the start of coal mining on the Saar, which initially amounted to no more than digging for coal on the surface. It was not until the middle of the 18th century that tunnels were driven. Organised mining really started in the early 19th century when a large number of tunnel mines played an important role, including the Ensdorf, Rischbach and Heinitz tunnels. Finally special mention is made of the Tiefe Saar tunnel, which was probably only forgotten later because its representative entrance had been torn down.