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Idis B. Hartmann:
Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden and the royal visit to the Fuchs tunnel

On 19 August 1800, a glorious sunny day, a line of horse-drawn carriages carrying the young Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III, Queen Luise, the chairman and director of the regional mine inspectorate in Wroclaw, Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden, and other dignatories drew up at the navigation basin of the Fuchs tunnel. 500 miners in brand-new black uniforms and wearing feathers in their mine hats greeted the royal couple in traditional fashion with a resounding "Glück auf". The director was also resplendently dressed in uniform. Protective capes and mine hats were handed out and the party disappeared into the mine.
The article takes the royal visit to the Fuchs tunnel on their tour of Silesia in 1800 as an opportunity to analyse the personality of Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden as one of the leading representatives of the Prussian mining authorities around 1800. Von Reden, born in Hainein in 1752 and director of the Regional Mining Inspectorate in Wroclaw from 1780, is depicted by the author as not only an excellent miner, innovator and a man who knew how to "sell" technical innovations but also as a highly educated patron of the arts and interesting personality.