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Johannes Mager:
Friedrich Anton von Heynitz (1725-1802)
Excerpts from his Life and Family Background

Much has been written about Friedrich Anton von Heynitz (also spelt Heinitz). Reports usually restrict themselves to a description of his career. By contrast, this article mainly deals with excerpts from his life and the person who as a devote Christian and high-ranking mining official did not always have an easy time asserting himself.
The following essay deals particularly with his family background and the local community on which he had an extremely positive influence as a member of an old-established Meissner noble family. After describing his roots and the seat of the family, the author outlines the crucial stages in the life and career of Heynitz, in particular his work in the salt mining industry of Electoral Saxony as well as in the mining and iron and steel-working industry of Prussia. Special mention is made of the introduction of the steam engine taking the example of Hettstedt.