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Achim Bonk:
An unknown expertise of the builder, Ernst George Sonnin, for the salt mine in Münder

Ernst George Sonnin (1713-1794), rationalist architect, who is best known for building the main church in Hamburg, the St. Michaelis, was not only the architect of many other sacral and profane buildings in northern Germany but also made a name for himself by making structural and economic improvements in the salt mining industry. His work as town and salt mine builder in Lüneburg (from 1785 to his death) is well known. The numerous expertises which he made during his life on all kinds of different projects were already published by Heckmann in 1990. However, his stay at the small salt mine in Münder (Hameln-Pyrmont district) in 1787 and his expertise on improvements in salt mining and quality have remained unknown.
The following article therefore closes a gap in Sonnin's biography and at the same time completes the edition of his expertises. Furthermore, it permits a detailed insight into the conditions in the Münder salt mine at the end of the 18th century and supplements the hitherto scanty information on its history.