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Andrzej J. Wójcik:
The Saxon, Friedrich Krumpel
Creator of the first set of geological and mining maps in the western district of the Kingdom of Poland

The article deals with the history of the exploration and presentation of the geology in the western industrial district of the Kingdom of Poland. Generations of miners and geologists from various nations took part in it. The development of the autonomous scientific discipline of mining geology, which is concerned with carrying out exploration for deposits of mineral raw materials as well as drawing up sets of maps, was achieved progressively. Friedrich Wilhelm Krumpel played a major role in this development.

The emergence of the Kingdom of Poland and the development of state mining allowed the introduction of many legal standards and at the same time enabled economic activities to be guided in a certain direction. The changes that came about in mining were a thorough-going process that was influenced by numerous events and historical facts. The geographic frame for this article was restricted to the area of the western district of Poland which emerged step-by-step from the administrative district of Olkusz-Siewierz that existed from 1816 to 1833 and existed up until 1869.