vorige Hefte

Frédéric Kowalski:
The slag-heaps of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coal-field

Whether they have been preserved in their original shape and appearance, or whether they have been greened and/or reshaped, the slag-heaps are a fixed part of the landscape and for many have become places for recreational activities. In the centre of several towns in which otherwise only sparse green areas and few trees can be found, they have fundamental significance since they provide the only open spaces accessible to the public for strolling. But this new function is only the result of the most recent history which is marked by long negotiations over the utilization of the slag-heaps and a gradual change in the inhabitants' mentality. The article is dedicated to the development of the Slag-Heaps Statute as well as slag-heap typology and represents a new inventory of the slag-heaps, supported by a database, which functions as the basis for assessing the current stock of slag-heaps in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coal-field.