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Yves d'Hau Decuypère:
The Mission Bassin Minier - a means for renewal and development of the coal-field

In 1996, the regional administration Nord-Pas-de-Calais established the permanent conference in the coal-field with the aim of generating new territorial strategies for developing and renewing the coal-field. One of the first inputs into this permanent conference consisted in opening a dialogue with local actors in order to obtain an inventory of the social and economic situation in the coal-field's environs. This joint approach underscored the significance of debate and concerted action in order to bring about a renewal and adaptation of the coal-field to new circumstances. The article elucidates the stages in the establishment of the Mission Bassin Minier Nord-Pas-de-Calais which today, in conjunction with the Bassin Minier UNESCO, is promoting the inclusion of the coal-field in the UNESCO list of the world's cultural heritage.