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Wolfgang Weber:
Franz Xaver Wurm and the design of a wire cable machine

The essay deals with the personality and achievements of Franz Xaver Wurm, an Austrian mechanic and designer. Although he was involved in various areas of mechanical engineering in the first half of the 19th century, his innovations in flax spinning were initially at the forefront of his own technical and business activities. After the introduction of wire cabling in mining in the Upper Harz region by Oberbergrat Wilhelm August Julius Albert, one wanted this innovation to be introduced quickly in Austria and in Czech and Slovak ore mining as well. Against this background, Wurm started to work actively on designing a wire cable machine for the Austrian mining authorities. This is the subject of the essay, which is based on the few contemporary sources that survived the fire at Wurm's house in Leopoldstatt, Vienna, during the revolutionary upheaval of 1848.